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About Linda Erzinger


As an artist I have been fascinated with mass consumerism, waste and our relationship with the possessions that inhabit our contemporary lives.  I view my activity as an anthropological study or environmental ethnography that explores our cultural values, behavior and norms.  In addressing these issues, my current studio practice involves the almost exclusive use of discarded materials, including outdated electronic equipment, expired medical supplies and trophies. Working in the tradition of “assemblage” and “collage”, I use found materials alone and at times in combination with paint.  Creating kitschy decorative works that are meant to reflect an Americana aesthetic; I strive to highlight the consumerist nature of our culture and its disregard for the environment.


Using these materials as a framework I also explore issues that address our relationships with other humans, namely social and economic situations. My work is rooted in and exploration of cycles, circles, connection and disconnection.  Tying social and environmental issues together I aim to present a broader picture of our American society.

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