"Art Resourced" was the formed by Linda Erzinger and Tara Remington to create Solution Based Art that engages the community in thought and action towards sustainable practices. In 2013, Art Resourced orchestrated the building of "Herman" in collaboration the Louisville Timebank, YouthBuild Louisville and community members. This large scale sculpture measures 10' x 14' x 8' and resides at the top of the rain garden on the Youthbuild property in Louisville, KY. He is a large scale model of a Water Strider and is built to shed water from his back into the rain garden as a demonstration of water catchment.

The goals for the project were to;

Spread the word about water conservation.
Use art as a vehicle to talk about solutions for the environment.
Create conversations and action involving local cleans ups, earth and water.
Resource discarded materials to promote creative reuse.

Engage community in a shared art experience to foster community pride and collaboration.

© 2017 by Linda Erzinger

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