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"A History", 2011.
"Overflow", 2011.
"Skins", 2011.
"North Beach Mood", 2011.
"Ultra Life", 2011.
"X ball", 2011.
"Road Warrior", 2011.
"Exchange", 2011.
"Air", 2011.
"Glue Ball", 2011.
"Little Tybee", 2011.
"History Afloat", 2011.
"History on the Shoreline", 2011.
"Aluminum", 2011.
"Pheonix", 2011.
"Yellow Fish", 2011.
"Over Yonder", 2011.
"The Kingdom", 2011.
"Form Over Function", 2011.
"Condensed", 2011.

Temporary Installations

In the summer of 2011 I spent a month on Tybee Island off the coast of Savannah, GA at an artist residency with Dragonfly Studios. After hours of combing the beach and dunes for flotsam and jetsam, the debris was arranged on the sculpted sand. These images are the result of those days.

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